The Regular Qualification Stage "Zula Monthly Cup" for the Zula European League ended this Saturday 25th March, let's see who are the 8 qualified teams! Let's go

Zula Global Random Game (ZGRG / IHL)


Before following this page, be sure to be on the Discord Server, it is not the same than ZulaClub Europe one!

The Zula Global Random Game, more commonly known as ZGRG or IHL, is a Pick-up Game (PUG) organized by a Discord bot developed for this occasion in which 10 players must join a queue using a command. When the 10 players are needed, the bot chooses two captains and these captains will choose in turn the players present in the queue. At the end of the picking stage, a map will be randomly assigned by the bot (this same map will not be able to fall back during the next 2 matches) and the players will have to create a room (mainly on server 40) with a password.

To access all channels, please accept the rules in the channel #📝-rules

Match settings

Once you have joined your queue and the 10 players needed to start a match are present, you should validate your presence as you can see below. This is an anti-afk protection system so that there are no absentees in the queue.

After all players have checked in (within a minute), we move on to the picking stage!

At the end of the picking stage, the Zula team and the Gladyo team are formed, the players know their allies and enemies, it's time to fight on the battlefield! As you can also notice, the map was given automatically by the bot, it is, in this example, Wedding Hall!

PS: Don't forget when you create your game room to put these parameters:

- Room name: ZGRG (or IHL)
- Password: Random password that you should share on the discord to the players
- Game Mode: Sabotage
- Player Count: 5x5
- Match/Round Time: 2 Min. 15 sec.
- Winning condition: Win 10 rounds (change to 5 rounds if you want to play Overtime)
- Match Type: Normal
- Limitations: Normal
- Team Balance: None
- Join Ongoing Matches: Yes

Commands List

Commands Description

Queue commands
!add or ++ or !j Join a queue
!remove or -- or !l Leave a queue
!who To see who joins the queue
!ao To receive an immune if you are invisible in discord and you want to play some ZGRG game
!promote To promote the queue.
!nick [your nickname] To rename you without losing your points. Do it on #⚪-5v5-official !
!switch_dms To receive (or not) a pm from the bot when you find a match. Do it on #⚪-5v5-official !
!promote To promote the queue.

Ladder commands
!rank To see your actual rank and points
!rank @user To see player's rank and points
!leaderboard [page] or !lb [page] Show top players by rating

Match commands
!pick @player Pick a user to your team.
!reportlose or !rl Report loss on your current match (available for captains only).
!reportdraw !draw or !rd Report draw on your current match (available for captains only, captain of other team has to confirm).
!rc Report cancel on your current match (available for captains only, captain of other team has to confirm).
!matches Show active matches on the channel
!lastgame or !lg Show last match played
!subme You join a match but you have to leave? Don't worry! With this command, you will allow a player to sub you!
!subfor @player Someone did /subme? Then you can substitute him by doing /subfor + player
!capme Remove yourself from the captain spot.
!capfor Zula / Gladyo Take captain's empty spot .

If you are a new player, we do not recommend starting out by playing ZGRG games. Do some public games, competitive ranked or competitive TDM before coming to ZGRG..

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