The Regular Qualification Stage "Zula Monthly Cup" for the Zula European League ended this Saturday 25th March, let's see who are the 8 qualified teams! Let's go

About us

1. Who are we?⚔️
Since the creation of ZulaClub 4 years ago, we have been present in all parts of the video game world called Zula Global. Present both through the creation of memes, drawings, guides, videos and tournaments, our adventure began with the creation of content dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community of the game (Latam) before reaching Europe on August 2022. We are a community of about 700 players (ZGRG + ZulaClub Europe).

Our community is growing and we do our best to give maximum comfort to players through contests, or events like eSport tournaments. We are a community that helps players move forward with the game, we are to help and we always present ourselves with a good attitude, so far more than 20. 000 people have seen our content in Latin America, more than 12.000 have already viewed it in Europe - which is a very good start following the recent birth of the website in Europe - but we are mostly present on Discord which is our root social network.

We are currently expanding to other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube.
2. What do we offer? 🎉
Within our community we offer events, guides, news among other things. Currently we are the first community in Zula with more development that exists, we exist across many social medias such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube in Europe.

Above all we like to unite the community and many times we offer events, raffles and others depending on our economic situation.
3. Content Creators🌟
Within our community we have a certain amount of talented members, among them are D0bric and Stii, these content creators make the Zula community in general flourish due to the live and videos they create for the community, if you are a content creator you can contact us to give a specific role within the community. In Europe, we are currently looking for Content Creators.

What are you waiting for? be part of our ZulaClub community!
4. Contact details📩
You are a brand and you are interested of promoting your products or contents in our website?
You are interested of working alongside us in our incoming European League or eSport events?
You are a player or new player and you want to submit us a suggestion or report an error?

Then you should definitely contact us:
ZulaClub Europe
Paris, France.
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