The Regular Qualification Stage "Zula Monthly Cup" for the Zula European League ended this Saturday 25th March, let's see who are the 8 qualified teams! Let's go

We made a mistake about North.

I, Nourdine, admin of ZulaClub Europe and main admin of the first edition of the Zula Monthly Cup, made a mistake that cost the reputation of a player and an entire team.


On March 21, 2023, an announcement was made on the ZulaClub Europe discord: Luka 'North' Z. was banned for using a macro following inspection of his MOSS and confirmation from the Moss creator himself.
This ban was carried out after multiple investigations and following the help of several players who had reported elements that seemed relevant by analyzing his gameplay (his streams or videos). One graphic in particular on his moss files gave us a hint, you can see it just below.

According to the creator of MOSS, this graph is a sign of the use of a no-recoil macro. This is one of the reasons why we banned North. However, Nohope - the creator of MOSS - does not have the necessary knowledge carried over from Zula. This graphic would certainly respect the use of a macro (because we could not have such a pyramidal shape if we concentrate on killing our opponent - thus moving our cursor towards our enemy - while double clicking, We would have to sacrifice our aim for the double click to generate this graph with [LEFT CLICK] [LEFT CLICK] intervals) but this is not so impossible on Zula because the double click can be used for other functionalities (even before entering the game, it is used to join a server, to enter a room, to equip yourself with an extra ; in game it is mostly used to change the point of view when we are dead...).

Nevertheless, we didn't let North explain himself at that time, and let's say it clearly: despite the attempts of this player to defend himself at that time (especially after making a video showing everything on his computer before launching his game with MOSS activated), we were in bad faith and refused to consider his defense.

A few days ago, we were contacted again by North who agreed to do a Handcam Live with his MOSS file and playing in ZGRG (so with more experienced and skilled players), and we can confirm several things:
- This player is simply exceptional, we can clearly see that he has well assimilated the mechanics of the game and controls better than anyone the spray of the weapons he uses
- We have punished an innocent player and have degraded the image of a player and an entire team, Team`KOZAK.

It is important to add that this player has never received a ban on his account at the time of writing this article.

Thus, I present my deepest and most sincere apologies to this player and withdraw with immediate effect his ban, so he can participate again in future competitions organized / co-organized by ZulaClub Europe

Since this announcement is made on the eve of the Zula European League (ZEL), Team`KOZAK unfortunately cannot join the competition (unless players individually join the teams already in the running, apart from those that have been made official). Therefore, for ZEL Season 2, there will be only one qualifying round to get the 8th spot, with the 7th reserved for Team`KOZAK.

I, Lynxer, take full responsibility. I will make sure to learn from my mistakes and the means have been put in place for the ZEL: members of Madbyte Games will be present for the entirety of the matches and will check each player who plays each match in order to guarantee cheater-free matches and a quality show for our faithful spectators.

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