The Regular Qualification Stage "Zula Monthly Cup" for the Zula European League ended this Saturday 25th March, let's see who are the 8 qualified teams! Let's go

Zula Global Patch Note 1.47

We are here with a giant update package that we prepared with full content in April!

1- Emote System
Matches are now more fun in Zula! With the newly developed fun emote system, players will now be able to dance or express themselves in the game. It will also play fun sound effects while using emoticons.
With this update, Clap, Apache dance, Backpack dance, Laughter, Uncrowned King pose, Robot dance, Worm dance and Surrender emotes have been added to the game.
Note: Expressions may vary from character to character.

You can buy them via the Store -> Cases -> Emote Case (your emote will be permanently yours).

2- Leyla Kurt and Kiera Jelani are in the game!
In the war of Zula and Gladyo, 2 new characters are now in Zula!

3- Toxic Smoke Bomb
The Toxic Smoke Bomb, which we are familiar with from the Battle Royale Mode, has been added to the game. Details about the Toxic Smoke Bomb are as follows;
- Toxic Smoke Grenade inserts into the regular bomb slot (this means that it is not a bonus grenade).
- It has an 8 second poisoning time.
- Only the players inside this toxic smoke can take damages, this can be a huge game changer and offers a multitude of possibilities

4- Junkyard Map
Junkyard map is now in Zula, where 10 players can play All Solo and TDM matches at the same time. Pretty cool map to train before playing on Competitive Mode!

5- Green Crystal Series and Gloves
The new Heroic Green Crystal Line and Gloves have been added to the game with the update.

6- Silver Master Series and Gloves
The new Elite Silvermaster Series and Gloves are now available!

7- Dual Grenade Skins Part 2
You loved the double bomb skins! With the new update, 6 new Double Bomb skins have been added to the game.

8- Knife Skins
Added 4 new skins for Butterfly, Exo, Razor and Karambit knife!

9- New Animated Gloves
New animated gloves for all characters have been added to the game.

10- New Sprays
Fun sprays with Rainlox, official Turkish Zula Content Creator, are now in Zula!
Many other sprays are available just for you, we will let you discover them in game! (;

11- New Flag Skins
Zula's Globalization operation continues. Azerbaijan, Poland and Netherlands flag skins have been added to the game.

Other developments
- Fixed an issue where plug-in icons were not visible in the AWP dimension pattern.
- Fixed the disappearance of the Service Building on the Battle Royale map.
- Added Bomb, Knife, Weapon, Glove and Emote Subcategories to Cards.
- You can get the characters Zeynep Yilmaz, Elena Terentjeva, Shahram Shams and El Patron in a permanent way directly via the Store
- Permanent Zula and Gladyo character cases available on the Store
- Bunch of new cases
- Possibility to preview emotes

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