The Regular Qualification Stage "Zula Monthly Cup" for the Zula European League ended this Saturday 25th March, let's see who are the 8 qualified teams! Let's go

Zula Monthly Cup - December Recap | January Edition



Dear players, we have so much to talk about in this article! Between the recap of the November edition of the Zula Monthly Cup, the current team rankings, the new rules and most importantly, the December edition that is coming soon, get ready for a flurry of information!
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Recap of the Zula Monthly Cup November Edition!
Damn, that was crazy!!

Once again, you were on fire, I think even the firemen had a hard time putting out the fire! Between the almost 75 simultaneous viewers on Twitch, the 1190 views on the Twitch replay, the 11 teams that showed a great game and impressed Europe but also the champions of the November edition through this monthly format of the Zula Monthly Cup, we can say that this is the Zula esport!! 🤩
Each time, I say to myself that we can't do better, but each time you make me lie by doing better, it's the best gift you can give me and I sincerely hope that the January edition will be just as promising! The cashprize was 300€ with 250.000 Zula Golds and we decided to keep this cashprize for January, you can read more about it in the following article. You can find more details about the current leaderboard and the upcoming ZMC by clicking here.


After December, it's January.. 2023!
Here we go for the ZMC January Edition!

We attack the new year with the Zula Monthly Cup January Edition! On the menu for this new season: skill, an improved cast, improved visuals, and hopefully some quality matches with great teams! Things are going to be different from the previous Monthly Cup, so stay focused from now on.

From this Saturday until Friday 27th January at 10pm, you can register for the tournament. Note that this Friday, a showmatch will be organized at 9pm live on the Twitch channel of Lynxer. The participating teams will be announced on our various social networks. This showmatch will have no impact on the tree or on the overall ranking, it will serve as a warm-up for Saturday! 🥰
From Saturday 28th, the participating teams will compete for the 300€. By the way, the maintenance of this cash prize is done thanks to a sponsor, and it is already known by the players since Surfshark VPN decided to re-sign with us, thank you very much to them and thank you to the community for having welcomed them!
Thanks to Surfshark, you can get a VPN and surf the Internet safely. Web security was a big topic of debate at the moment, Surfshark is not only a simple VPN provider since the site also offers among its services Surfshark Antivirus and Surfshark Alert and allows you to know if your personal data has leaked or if viruses are present on your computer! Know that in addition to all these good points, Surfshark is rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot and has 17.250 reviews!

We have managed to have the best discount just for you! Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code "ZulaClub" to get 83% discount which unlocks the best price in the market plus 3 extra months for FREE! I advise you to at least visit the website via our link because you will not be disappointed with what you will find there (;
 Zula Monthly Cup Policy Update!!!

Given the excitement that was created by the December edition, and in view of the evolution of the tournaments, we must rectify some points:

- Of all the maps in the current map pool, Favela was the most banned and the least welcomed by players. We wanted to wait for the new Egypt map to arrive, but since the map is still new, has errors and is not balanced enough, we decided not to add it to the map pool. However, we needed to update the map pool so that the maps rotate more often and the last maps played are not always the same, especially for the final. So we decided starting the February Edition to swap Favela with Mardin. This means that Favela will be available on January but not anymore starting the February Edition of the Zula Monthly Cup. We don't rule out a return of Favela, but it is better to test this new map pool in order to prepare a better map pool for the upcoming European League.

- We have noted that the verification of Moss files were taking too much time. For the January edition, we will have full support from our partner Moss Anti Cheat. Thus, we guarantee the verification of all MOSS files in the January edition as quickly as possible thanks to NoHope, the creator of Moss. If a cheater is spotted thanks to the work of our partner. MOSS is an indispensable tool to be able to participate in our events, and it allows us to guarantee a common fair play, so that YOU can prove that YOU are the best, and of course without cheating!
- We have decided to lower the limit of Turkish players per team. From now on you are allowed a maximum of 2 Turkish players per team. This is justified by the fact that the matches will be played on European servers which will improve in the coming weeks - at least, we hope so -. This is also in line with our long term plans, if we want to bring these two great communities together, there has to be a start somewhere, and that start is now!

 Additional notes

We have (once again) updated the tournament page, but this time the individual page (ZMC November, ZMC December). We also redesigned the website to make it more efficient and, above all, more professional and beautiful! The team page has been improved and is still under construction. We take your feedback to heart to make your experience with ZulaClub better. 💬 
We also update more and more our different social networks. You can find replays of the November and December tournaments on our Youtube channel. We are also reworking our art direction. Thanks for your support!✌️

We'll see you this Friday, January 27th at 9pm and Saturday, January 28th on TheLynxerN Twitch channel for the tournament cast! ❤️

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